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Your Eyes Only

We trust the tools that we depend on and believe you should too. We have taken the additional step to ensure that all your information is kept secure through the AES-256 encryption-key methodology, an unbroken encryption algorithm. Your data is encrypted when stored and when transmitted.

Additionally, Map and Location data you create are only accessible and viewable by the account holder (you). When you place and share a Marker or record a Smart Track, for example, the GPS location information becomes encrypted, hidden from anyone who does not have access to it – including Scout To Hunt. It's your data, and we keep it that way.

How you see it
  • 39.366923, -114.602667

How it's stored
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Hunt Together

Mark & Share
your location
on- and offline

  • Place/edit unlimited Markers

  • Currently 60+ unique Markers

  • Off-Grid Sharing™

Keep track of all your important points of interest and share them with your most-trusted friends. Use Scout To Hunt's Off-Grid Sharing™ to rapidly share your Markers locally, even when you're out of service while out in the field.

Hunt Ready Offline GPS Maps™

Offline Maps
as large as
you need

  • Boundless map size selection

  • Living Map Automation

  • Remote Cloud Map-Syncing

  • Partial Download Protection

Save offline maps without losing map quality or detail, regardless of the size of your map. With Living Map Automation your HuntReady offline maps always keep themselves up-to-date, eliminating the need to re-save your maps when new map data becomes available. Easily manage your devices storage by offloading saved maps when you don't need them and quickly syncing them back to your device when you do. Always be HuntReady.

Visually Optimized Layers & Maps

Not isolated
by state

  • Private Land Boundaries

  • UnPaved (beta) Layer

  • Tilt & Rotate Map

  • Hunt Units (GMUs)

  • Defined Springs/Guzzlers

  • And More...

Spend more time on your hunt and less time on your map. Effortless map reading and quick decision-making are the result of our rigorously designed map layers and base maps — no matter which western state you’re hunting in.

Smart Tracking

Optimized for
reduced battery

  • Hands-off automation

  • Adapts to your pace

  • reduces battery usage

Keep your battery lasting longer in the field and never forget to pause or unpause your tracks again. Smart Tracking adapts to your pace to reduce wasteful battery usage. Smart Tracking also creates a hands-free tracking experience, recording when you're on the move and auto-pausing when you're not. Allowing you to focus on your hunt and not on your phone.

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