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Limited Membership System
Amount of Members capped by the amount of coverage in the platform.
High-Resolution Satellite & Aerial Imagery
Powered by NASA, USGS and DigitalGlobe for exceptional terrain detail.
Detailed U.S. 24k Topography
Verified by 24 datasets from 13 organizations, including the USGS.
Comprehensive Trail Systems
Verified by 24 datasets from 13 organizations, including the USGS.
Recorded Burn Zones
Burned areas marked by title and year fires occurred.
Miniscule Water Data
Springs, Guzzlers, Waterholes Identification.
Private & Public Land Identification
For improved planning and access.
Current & Historical Weather Data*
Follow the trends and patterns year-round.
Customizable Dashboard*
Keep track of your essential intel and research in one place.

What are Membership Seats?
In order to more fully support the individual hunter and pursue the direction the hunting community has requested, Scout To Hunt has designed a limited membership system that only allows a certain amount of members to be subscribed and have access to the Visual Data Platform based on the amount of coverage or sectors the platform has at any given time.

In other words, a limit or cap to the amount of memberships Scout To Hunt accepts, based proportionally to the total amount of coverage we have in the system to achieve a more exclusive experience for the hunter. Membership seats will be added only as we add new sectors (coverage increases) in order to maintain a proportional distribution of members' access to the visual data in the platform.

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