From the Field to the Platform

Private Camera System

Scout To Hunt's Field Team manages an extensive, private system of trail cameras to observe unit activity and gather data from the field on public land. Data is only collected throught Scout To Hunt's private system in order to maintain the integrity of the data.

Data Recovery

All data recovered from the camera system and other visual tools are uploaded to the Visual Data Platform™.
Sectors are updated monthly, from early June through the hunting seasons. During the off-season, updates occur monthly within logistically accessible areas and lower ranges. Non-essential images such as brush, branches and wind are removed from the compiled data.

Visual Data Platform™

All game images are made accessible through the mobile and desktop platform, organized by 45 sq. mile sectors for regional reference zones and unit data authentication for the individual hunter.

Tools & Data

Scout To Hunt is entirely built around the individual hunter. Allowing you to equip yourself with data and information that can't be found anywhere else. Ultimately, helping you work more effectively on your own.

Put-in with Confidence

Incorporate your visual analysis into your process of purchasing tags or applying for draws to gain first-hand knowledge of a
unit's status to base your decisions on.


Gain essential insights into where game
have been regionally, and the quality genetics & age-class within units. Analyze horn growth, game and unit activity pre-, mid- and post-season.

No Matter the Obstacle

Familiarize yourself with new terrain and country through 360° imagery and aerial terrian analysis to effectively prepare yourself
with geographical insights and true perspective.

Validate Your Findings

Improve your ability to plan and pattern.
Analyze your arsenal of research and findings together with the Visual Data from the field.

Powered by Experience

Placement and rotation of cameras are based on proper tactics, expert knowledge and experience. With thousands of locations being utilized through specialized rotation and placement, along with overall expanding coverage, hunters will have a tremendous amount of units with uniform coverage of data available to them to begin their research.

A Massive avg. 10,000+ images of current data expertly recovered and sorted per day

Rendering approx. 1,000+ certified quality informative images uploaded per day

Volume of current data increases continously. Allowing you to gather more intel, historical and current, the longer you use it.

Expertly Analyzed Visual Hunting Data

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