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Built by you

We understand how the thousands of hours you invest in your hunt inevitably get the gears turning and the ideas flowing. We know your ideas and insights can make all difference as we create unparalleled mapping and research tools. We want to hear those ideas and harness your expertise to make it happen. As an Architect in the Scout To Hunt Insider Build Program, you’ll have the ability to work shoulder to shoulder with our development team. Let your voice be heard, communicate your insights, and contribute your ideas to help us build the tools you and every other hunter needs.

You will be a vital member of the Scout To Hunt team.


Designed for you

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill insider circle – you’re one of us. You'll be treated accordingly:

  • Official Recognition (, Hunt Expo, etc.)
  • Exclusive early access to new features and updates
  • Exclusive collaboration with the Scout To Hunt development team
  • First 100 Architects (Invitation Only): Free Scout To Hunt and Architects gear
  • First 100 Architects (Invitation Only): VIP Account Status (Free lifetime access to all features, applicable when paid features are live)

Simple for Everyone

Simplicity is crucial. As we construct the Scout To Hunt Web and Mobile App, we want your contribution to be seamless to ours. To make this happen, we’ll introduce you to work-in-progress features and development so you can step in to refine and improve as you see fit.

By responding to short surveys, quick polls and open requests for direct reporting to developers about issues that you experience, you’ll be able to inform us on what you love, what you don’t care for, and what you absolutely need. We’ll also ask you for original ideas that we can add to our list of powerful features and tools to come.


Made possible by you

Your participation in the program is invaluable to the progress of Scout To Hunt. At a minimum, to continue to enjoy the benefits of the Architect program, you’ll need to contribute feedback once a month through the designated channels (i.e., surveys, polls, etc.).

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