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Visual Hunting Data

Gain first-hand knowledge of a unit's potential game quality and activity on a regional basis.
The individual hunter can view all the images gathered through Scout To Hunt's massive privately owned and operated system of trail cameras on public land.

Unit & Species Filtering

Apply state-sourced unit boundary layers to the map to know which sectors correspond to the units you want to research. Narrow that search by the species you are planning to hunt.

Sectored Starting Points

Images are organized and presented by Sectors that highlight the regional source of game activity. Each sector represents multiple undisclosed camera locations within a 45 sq. mile area of public land, as a general starting point for boots on the ground efforts.

Geographic Insights

Harness the power of DigitalGlobe, NASA and USGS with high-resolution satellite, aerial and topographic mapping and imagery. Verified by 13 organizations and dozens of datasets.

“You can't find this kind of information anywhere else.

- Adam Crews, Tennessee
Chase the Mountain

“This is so ideal for new or out-of-state hunters.”

- Sam Ayres, California
Living Country in the City Podcast

“Does it guarantee that I'll find the buck or bull I saw pictures of??
No, but it does let me know he's been around and I'm heading out to turn him up!

- McCade C., Utah
Sahn Outdoors

“I have used this as an important resource...
this a valuable tool to have when preparing for any hunt!

- Travis Shoell, Utah
Western Muleys

“I will be the first to admit, I was a skeptic.
After using the product and seeing what it does...
It's a no brainer.”

- Jeremy N., Utah

“If it weren't for Scout To Hunt, I never would have known
about my bull, or even elk in the area.”

- Mike M., Utah
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Visual Data Platform™

Hunting Data
You Can See

Pioneered for maximum reliability, the Visual Data Platform gives you the ability to visually confirm the quality of game and potential units hold, and allows you to personally verify and authenticate unit data for improved planning and increased preparation.

Desktop Platform Desktop Platform Desktop Platform

Unit Research Visualized

Go beyond the numbers. Access a virtual mobile and desktop platform comprised of Scout To Hunt's ever-growing private stream of current and historical sectored game images. Maximize your individual potential through visual research tools.

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